AGES 12 -17 (or per ability) 

The Castle FUNdamentalz Program  provides developmentally  appropriate activities based on HIGH FIVE™ Principles to support  the social, emotional and physical development of children. 
This is our entry to Freestyle program. Young athletes must be able to load and ride a chair lift on their own, be able to ski for 1-2  hours without break, and able to handle extended time in cold  temperatures.
Your athletes day will consist of skiing green to blue terrain based on the coaches assessment of group/individual skill. Athletes will work on putting clean turns together and progressing into small moguls. Safe jumping on small jumps will be introduced based on ability. All athletes will be encouraged to attend 1 club competition at a member hill. Don't be surprised if you see these young rippers doing penguin slides down the hill either! Because really.....why not?!


​AGES 12 - 17 (or per ability) 

Castle Competitive Freestyle Ski Team members are performing at the highest competitive level our club offers for Freestyle Skiing.  

Based off of the Can Free TEAM Program, this year-round training program allows athletes to improve their fitness, mental preparation, foundation skills and competitive readiness.

Increased training hours are needed at this stage to develop each athlete’s long-term potential but more importantly, this will give them the fundamentals needed to perform more difficult technical skills safely. ​



​AGES 6 - 9 (or based on ability) 




AGES 9 - 17

​It's all coming to an end....well for this season anyway. Final wind-up party will be Saturday, March 14th from 9:00 - 2:00pm.

Thank you to all the athletes and parents for a wonderful year! Have an awesome summer. :)   



Castle Freestylerz Program aligns with the Canadian Sport For Life, Learn To Train stage of athlete development. The focus is on the growth of fundamental Freestyle Skiing skills through fun, year-round training.

Freestylerz will be introduced to athletic practices including warm up, stretching to develop flexibility and prevent injury, strength and endurance, agility, acrobatic literacy, cool down, hydration, nutrition, recovery, relaxation and focus.

Castle Freestylerz will be introduced to competition, with athletes attending 1-2 Club Competitions per season in moguls, dual moguls, slopestyle and/or half-pipe. 

Halfpipe training only completed at weekday evening COP training.  

The Castle Freestyle Big Mountain program is an all mountain freeride club which provides a solid foundation for ski athletes preparing them for individual competition throughout North America. 

These athletes may attend competitions as individuals held by the IFSA. The Big Mountain Club pursues every opportunity to enable athletes to compete, learn, train, have fun, and safely achieve their freeriding goals.

Please note that due to insurance regulations Castle Big Mountain Program is a train only program and does not provide coaching at any IFSA Competition. 

Castle Mountain Freestyle Ski Club is a volunteer based Freestyle Ski Club. Our group of amateur athletes range in age from 6 to 17 and compete in the disciplines of Moguls, Slopestyle, Half-pipe*, and Big Mountain. Based out of Castle Mountain Resort, our athletes train under the direction of Alberta Freestyle and Freestyle Canada. Castle athletes have seen great success and past athletes have achieved Provincial, National and even Olympic Team placements.   

Interested in joining our program? We would love to have you (and by you, we mean your little ripper aged 6-17) and only ask a couple things; 1. Please be able to load and ride a ski lift chair by yourself and without assistance. 2. Please be able to ski continuously for up to 3 hours without a break. (Weather/cold pending) 3. Please have a positive attitude and be aware, this is a volunteer run program and you (Parents) will be required to help out on the hill or in the lodge for a multitude of different tasks. Sound good? Then please have a look at our programs to find a fit.