​Christmas Camp (Assessment Camp): December 21 & 22  
1st Day of Season Training: Decmber 28th, 2019 

​Big Mountain Program

Ages 12 - 18

The Castle Freestyle Big Mountain program is an all mountain freeride club which provides a solid foundation for ski athletes preparing them for individual competition throughout North America. Its goal is to provide a continuous progression from early development of junior athletes through to adulthood.

These athletes may attend competitions as individuals with those competitions typically governed by the IFSA which sets sanctioning guidelines for event execution and judging to ensure consistent competitions and represents the needs, interests, and safety of freeride competitors. The Big Mountain Club pursues every opportunity to enable athletes to compete, learn, train, have fun, and safely achieve their freeriding goals.

Please note that due to insurance regulations Castle Big Mountain Program is a train only program and does not provide coaching at any IFSA Competition. 

Christmas Assessment Camp (2 Days) - $95.00 
Season Training (1-day Program) - $600.00 
Season Training (2-day Program) - $1200.00
Winsport Weekday Training (2-day Program) - $400.00
PPK Weekday Training (1-Day Program) - $260.00
PPK Training TBD Dependent on min. 4 registrants.

Additional Costs: 
CanFree Membership (Required) 
Lift passes
Competition Costs incl. Accommodations, Comp Fee, Additional Coaching fees