air bag

dedicated air bag training site

The Castle Mountain Freestyle Ski Club has taken a giant leap forward in athlete development by installing a 50' x 50' Acrobag Airbag on the Lower Beaver ski run, the site chosen by the Castle Mountain management.  Under the supervision of Head Coach Cam Motta, who holds the required airbag coaching certification, the Castle Freestyle athletes can now attempt aerial tricks and safely progress into more complex maneuvers with minimal risk thanks to this new airbag facility.  Athletes can get confident and perfect their tricks on the airbag before taking it to the snow on the nearby Big Air site. Similar to airbags used by Hollywood stuntmen, Castle's 50' x 50' inflated airbag cushions the landings of skiers who launch off ramps.  More importantly, the CFSA (Canadian Freestyle Skiing Association)  has developed an in depth policy for the teaching the progressions of inverted skiing aerial tricks. All coaches, athletes and tricks must get certified for each maneuver. This process includes at least 50 successful landings per maneuver before the coach sees 5 perfect examples on an airbag or water ramp facility before the athlete can graduate to a snow landing. Coaches like to see many more (200) jumps before certification to assure the required muscle memory. The Airbag/Water Ramp facilities and these CFSA requirements have brought our freestyle athletes into world leading acrobatics with minimal risk to injury. Many thanks to the cooperation and efforts of the Castle Mountain management for providing a major upgrade to the freestyle training facilities available to athletes ages 5 - 18. 

big air 

dedicated big air site

The Castle Mountain Freestyle Ski Club has exclusive use of a dedicated Big Air site for training and competition. 

This site will host the upcoming AFSA Provincial Event in which Castle Mountain Freestyle Ski Club will host over 100 athletes March 4, 5 and 6th with many of those registering for the Big Air competition, soaring high and long and throwing down amazing aerials and huge air. 


fis spec dedicated mogul run

The Castle Mountain Freestyle Ski Club has exclusive use of a dedicated mogul site for training and competition. 

Boasting abilities to host moguls and dual moguls this training site is the envy of the Freestyle world as one of the best in the Province. 

Thank you to the staff and Management of Castle Mountain Resort for all they do in preparing this site for our exclusive use and promoting our sport and athletes.